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Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Processing capacity: 8-800m³/h Max. feeding size: 400mm Screen size: 4-100mm

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Introduction to Linear Vibrating Screen:

Vibrating screen is a new model of screening equipment with the high efficiency, which can be widely applied in the industries such as mining, coal, metallurgy, building material, smelt and light industry. Vibrating screen which is also can be called linear vibrating screen has the reliable operation, lower energy consumption, lower noise, long lifespan, stable vibration, high screening efficiency and so on. The basic theory of it is mainly by the hammer (uneven hammer) installed in the lower end of the motor shaft, the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional movement of the tilt, then this movement is conveyed to the screen surface. The traveling direction of the raw material can be changed if the angle of the upper and lower portion of the hammer is changed.

Advantages of Linear Vibrating Screen:

Linear vibrating screen takes the vibrating motor as the vibrating energy, which can make the material toss from a sieve, and while the material can be forward for linear motion, and the material can be fed to the feeding opening through the multi-layer mesh sieve in order to individually separate from various discharging opens. The linear vibrating screen has the merits of lower energy consumption, big output, simple structure, easy maintenance, closed structure, no dust discharging and automatic discharging, which is just the reason why it is much more suitable to the production line.

Working Principle of Vibrating Screen:

Linear vibrating screen takes dual vibration motor drive, when the two vibrating motors do synchronous reverse rotation, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block each other in a direction parallel to the motor axis of the offset, stacked in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft a force and therefore the sifter's trajectory is a straight line. Two motors shaft relative screen surface inclination, the excitation force and materials from the joint effect of gravity, the materials in the screen surface toss and leap forward for linear motion in order to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of the material. This vibrating screen can be used in the assembly line to reach the automatic work.

Technical data

Model Sieve specification(L×W)
Sieve layer
Mesh size
Feeding size
Processing capacity Motor power
Total weight Vibrating frequency Double amplitude Sieve obliquity
Dimensions (L×W×H)
(mm) (mm) (mm) (t/h) (kw) (kg) (Hz) (mm) (℃) (mm)
ZSG1237 3700×1200 1 4-50 ≤200 10-100 5.5×2 2250 16 6-8 15 3800×2050×1920
2ZSG1237 3700×1200 2 4-50 ≤200 10-100 5.5×2 3345 16 6-8 15 3800×2050×2200
ZSG1443 4300×1400 1 4-50 ≤200 10-150 5.5×2 4100 16 6-8 15 4500×3040×2500
2ZSG1443 4300×1400 2 4-50 ≤200 10-150 5.5×2 4900 16 6-8 15 4500×3040×2700
3ZSG1443 4300×1400 3 4-50 ≤200 10-150 5.5×2 5870 16 6-8 15 4500×3040×2820
2ZSG1548 4800×1500 2 5-50 ≤200 15-200 7.5×2 5836 16 8-10 15 4800×3140×2814
3ZSG1548 4800×1500 3 5-50 ≤200 15-200 7.5×2 6900 16 8-10 15 4799×3140×3014
2ZSG1848 4800×1800 2 5-50 ≤300 50-500 7.5×2 6489 16 8-10 15 4799×3440×2814
3ZSG1848 4800×1800 3 5-50 ≤300 50-500 7.5×2 7750 16 8-10 15 4799×3440×3014
4ZSG1848 4800×1800 4 5-50 ≤200 50-500 11×2 8300 16 8-10 15 4799×3440×3503
2ZSG1860 6000×1800 2 5-150 ≤300 80-600 11×2 9950 16 8-10 15 6000×3440×3326

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